Sometimes I close my eyes
To imagine the world
To imagine a world without war
Without the war that destroyed our beautiful world,
And tore you and me apart.
The war that has been here ever since
I opened my eyes.

Sometimes I close my eyes
To ignore the fear
The fear I see in your eyes
The fear that keeps you silent
The fear that makes you accept the world as it is
Instead of trying to change it.
The fear that has been in your eyes since
I first looked at them.

Sometimes I close my eyes
To feel the peace
The peace I was born with but
Never felt in my heart
The peace that was forgotten
The unattainable peace
That is only a word. 

Sometimes I close my eyes
To think about life
The life given to us as a gift and blessing
The life rich with undiscovered beauties
The life that gives me the opportunity to open my eyes

Sometimes I simply close my eyes
To realize I’m still alive to smile.
Even if a simple smile is all I can do.
I’m still here to smile because
I know that peace starts with a smile.

By Shahla G.

Photo by Jay DeFehr