Editor’s note: Our new writers in the southern province of Kandahar got together to send their greetings to AWWP for Mother’s Day. Here are excerpts.

Mother is a wonderful gift from Allah to children. Mother is the one who fights for her children and who gives up her own life for theirs. My mom has had a very bad life but she ignored her problems to support us with education and a good reputation in society. My mother had ten daughters. My dad was not happy with all of these daughters. With each new daughter my dad was going to beat my mother, but still she fought for our lives. There is a lot to say, but it can remain in my heart. Mother is the sun that shines in our life. 

Mother is the light of the home and her children. There is only one person who wakes up in the middle of the night to feed the kids and solve their problems. She is the one who teaches us to walk, to talk, to eat and play, and to respect orders. Without a mother, there is no hope for living in this world. Thank you for reading my essay.  
– Muqadas

Dear Friends, Mother is the teacher and guide in our lives, the one who makes herself available whenever we call her, for any situation. Sometimes I wonder how our moms find the energy to tolerate all our talk and wrong doings. She is a teacher, a nurse, a counselor, and a father for those who have no father. A mother is a bundle of joy and love. We fight with our mothers, shout at them, hurt them, but a mother can never bear to see the eyes of her child moisten. I love my mother and all the mothers of the world who support their children.

When I was young, I realized that I had someone in my life to support me for my future. Mother teaches us right and wrong. Mother is the one whose arms are always open for her children. Mother is the one who pushes her children toward what is good and will benefit her children’s lives. Mother is the one who takes care of her children when they are sick. My heart is full of love for my sweet and kind mother. I hope you like what I have written for my mom. 

Photo by Evgeni Zotov.