I was just seven
When I started English class
When it was hard, my mother encouraged me
She said to me: 

Your future can only be built by your hand
Not by other people or men’s words
You can learn English if you work hard
One day you will show people how brave you are.

In a country where men do not let women speak
Where you are not allowed to walk without a man
And society says learning is for bad girls
She taught me how to speak without shame, to focus and continue

When I was ready to learn to write 
She put my pencil in my fingers
And her fingers above mine
To help me to shape the letters

When I was nine the bomb squad came to
Remove a bomb in front of my school
Everyone cried, I wanted to leave school
She said:

Look my daughter,
This life is difficult
Do not be scared
Many girls want to go to school but can’t.

When I was sad and hopeless
Mother took my hands and
Told me to stand up strong with more power
After every defeat she told me

Defeat can make you more powerful
Dear Mother!

I am the lucky one to have you
You open new worlds to me
You show me the meaning of life and love
I love you, my hero, and thanks.

By Zahra W.