One of the most inspirational days in my life came about as a fortunate accident. It was about three years ago when I was working as a communications associate for IFES and I was asked to moderate the opening ceremony for a program. As a result of that event, I learned confidence and I started writing. 

It was already late in the afternoon on the day before the ceremony when I was selected to be the master of ceremonies for the Future Leaders Club event. I had only one night to get ready to moderate the ceremony. I was afraid to talk in front of all the high-ranking people. I was worried. Would I forget what to say? How would I look into all those eyes watching me at the same time? 

I was stressed out, but that night I prepared the agendas for the program. In the morning when I got to the office I discovered I had left the agenda and other materials at home. Now I was completely lost as to what to do but I told myself to calm down. “No worries, Rabia, everything will be all right after drinking a glass of water.” 

At the ceremony, my seat was far away from other colleagues, but I had a pen and paper and I started to write the agenda over again.  While I was writing I got the idea to write three little poems—one was for the young people and the other two were for my homeland.  I had never written a poem before.

When the ceremony started and I walked to the stage, I felt confident. I didn’t need to read from the notes. I felt comfortable speaking and making eye contact with the audience and it turned out that everyone was impressed. At the end many people asked me who was the poet who wrote the poems. 

That day inspired me and I became an active member of this writing project. Being able to speak with confidence opened another pathway in my life and now I lecture at university. I appreciate God’s help and inspiring me with an unknown power on that day, a day that had a brilliant impact on my life.

Here is one of the poems I wrote that morning.

We are caught in challenges by the name of peace
Victim of fraud and captured in politics
Explosion and suicide surrounding all over
Witness of Taliban plotting and crime
Peace is the great gift of the God
Let go the prejudice
We are one nation.

By Rabia A.

U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Sarah Brown