The birthing, training, and raising of children is very difficult, but it has lots of sweet rewards. I am a single girl, but I think about marriage and its fruits: children. It is hard for me to make a decision about marriage. For now, I am completely free to go outside any time, meet my friends, take long trips, and work at many jobs at once.

Sometimes I tell myself to enjoy being single because after I marry and have children, my life will change and I will have more responsibilities. But when I visit with my married friends, they tell me different stories. They enjoy their time with their children and husband. They say that they had the same idea about marriage as I do now, but when they got married everything changed. After marriage, husband and wife wish to have a child because life is boring without children.

A girl changes into a kind mother, and a boy becomes a hard-working father. A mother becomes like a fairy; she forgets everything about her past and her thoughts are always with her children. She takes care of her child and she teaches the child how to speak, how to walk, how to jog, how to kiss his mother and father, and she doesn’t think much about other things because she is busy with her children.

Staying home is very difficult, but they say doing tasks outside of the house is not as important as nurturing the children, so they stay home. Mothering is a full time and very important job. But many people don’t understand this and they don’t give mothers the respect they deserve.

For now, I want to say that we should live for ourselves. When we are children we take care of our younger brothers and sisters. While we are single, we take care of aging parents. After marriage, we take care of our husband and our children. All our lives pass with taking care of someone, so it is important to attend to ourselves when we can. One day when I meet the right man we will choose to marry and it will be the beginning of a new life with a partner. 

By S Anonymous

Photo by Afghan Youth Voices Festival.