Fatemeh Ah. introduction

Fatemeh Ah. is from Herat in western Afghanistan. During much of her childhood, the Taliban held control of her country, so she attended secret schools in homes. She also began learning English then. Now her goal is to finish her higher education and serve her people, especially women and children.

The Rain

The smell of fresh grass made me think of you / While sitting all alone behind the broken old window of my room. / My dear friend wrapped in your wet clothes / Running all over the grassy, muddy yard, / Calling my name.

Hope Always Helps Me Move On

Once, I was an interpreter for a lady who was making a story on women’s lives in Afghanistan. We went to the Herat Shelter for Women. There, I heard different stories. One is the story of a young Hazara (an ethnic group in Afghanistan) living at the shelter.

“I am happy that I am here with my son, and hope for a much better future for both of us,” said Sara

My Cousin’s Story

It was during the Taliban regime. In that time, my cousin was a shopkeeper. He had a gold shop. His shop was in a four-story market in the old town. He was young, maybe around 18 or so, and my younger brother was working at his shop as an assistant. During that period, boys were not allowed to grow their hair long or shape it in a nice way. There

The Evening I Will Never Forget

I was waiting for this evening for a long time and counting down the days. I bought the tickets two weeks before that. This was my high school Prom. It was my first time participating in such event. I was very excited. I had to get ready to go to prom.