Photographs by Zarlasht

Photographs by Zarlasht

Zarlasht was the first photographer to send in her photos to the site; these were taken in and around Kabul. Khushal Khan Meena refugee camp in Kabul, home primarily to Afghans who fled Helmand Province due to war. Fruit and vegetable shops of Kabul. Qargha Lake seen...

Zarlasht introduction

Zarlasht was born in Kabul. During the Taliban regime, she attended a secret, illegal school. She began learning English both there and under her mother’s tutoring. She currently works with a large organization in Afghanistan and dreams of completing her higher education in the U.S.

A Look at Education in Afghanistan

It was Thursday, the 11th of June, when I received a call from one of our friends in SOLA. She told me that on the 13th, Mr. Ted (the founder of School of Leadership, Afghanistan) had arranged for SOLA students to meet with Mrs. Eikenberry, the wife of Mr. Ambassador, and to pass their messages and any requests for improving the education system and the current situation in Afghanistan. I

From Idyllic Life To War

Here is what life was really like for me.

I was my parent’s second child and though they had two daughters instead of sons, they loved me and my sister very much and were happy with what Allah gave to them.

At that time, we had a private manufacturing company with more than 200 staff. We owned houses, a car, and were financially stable. My parents worked hard to provide the best

One of My Worst Memories

It was a nice summer day during the Taliban regime. My mother wanted to go to bazaar. I was very bored at home, so I asked, “Would you please let me go with you?”

She replied, “Umm, well … it’s better to stay home. I will bring you whatever you need.”
“Please mom, I am very bored at home …” I said, and she accepted.

We were going to buy some materials for