Our Programs


Online Workshops: AWWP conducts online workshops taught by published authors and professors on a rotating basis. The AWWP writers are given weekly writing prompts, but are also encouraged to write about anything that moves them. After developing the work with the mentors, particularly in terms of deepening and thinking critically about their writing, the poems and essays go to the Editing Director to be given final touches before going online. This is the heart of our program.

Creative Communications: AWWP’s Creative Communications program offers theatre scripts and assistance in creating a theatrical performance or readings events to interested educational institutions, theatre groups, or community venues. We know that speaking Afghan women’s words or hearing them performed provides another dimension of insight and beauty to the writers’ poetry and prose.

AWWP Afghanistan

Reading Salons: Once a month, AWWP Afghanistan sponsors reading salons where writers gather at a secure location to read aloud their work in progress and share their writing experiences.

Training Workshops: In collaboration with Afghan-based agencies, AWWP provides the AWWP writers with opportunities to train with top writers and teachers in a secure, face-to-face environment.

Women with Disabilities: AWWP reaches out to women with disabilities to bring them into the project; they are often among the most marginalized in a society that generally marginalizes all women.

Oral Stories: AWWP is developing an oral stories component to capture the voices and stories of women who lack literacy skills.

Internet Access: Unlike in the United States, Internet access is not readily available to Afghans at home. To enable writers to create and send their essays, stories, and poems, AWWP provides laptop computers and pays for Internet access to many of our writers. AWWP depends on readers’ donations to fund writers’ access to laptop computers and Internet service.