Hosting a Living Room Fundraiser

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project is on hiatus for the foreseeable future and we are not accepting donations or volunteer work at this time.

Here’s how to host a Living Room Fundraiser

Invite a few friends for an evening or an afternoon who might like to share snacks, conversation, and some readings from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. We will help you with everything from the invitation to simple Afghan recipes to suggested readings. We can also offer a Skype or speakerphone conversation with an AWWP team member in Afghanistan or the U.S. to answer questions and share stories.

Among some scheduled so far is a Fundraiser in California on March 28, 2012. Guests will share tea and dessert and will listen to readings by some of the AWWP writers. As the organizers note, there is magic in the telling and there is hope when others hear and are moved to action by the words of these courageous women writers.

For information, contact Pam Hart.

To be able to sit around the table with friends—some old, some new—and talk about the world, how we can help, how to make a difference, and also to know that we were connected to something larger than just our table, that there were and will be others sitting around tables around the world, with their hearts and minds reaching out to each other because of the words of these amazing, courageous women… I really just wanted to thank the entire team for providing the opportunity to do that. — Anna, Glasgow

Listening to those who said their lives had been changed by these women hit a chord with me. I feel like something entered inside my soul today. I was so taken with how real and honest everyone feels who is involved. Thank you. — Pamela, New York City