The sky and earth are mourning
Because Afghans start their mornings

With death warnings
By suicide bombers from Pakistan and beyond

Some nations have airplanes
Birds and other skyward creatures

But Afghans live with blood flying
Through clouds and countryside

Blood on the walls
Blood in halls

Blood on the road
Blood on the boats

All over the place blood
Afghan blood overflowing like a flood

Our people are sad
Mad too that the Taliban continue to be bad

Innocent civilians see bodies burning
Watch as their brothers and sisters keep on dying

Blood is everywhere
Like a living nightmare

And whose blood
Fills the streets

Shopkeepers, students
Young women and children

The decades fly by while
Afghans have lost millions

Whose blood?

The blood of suicide bombers
Mixing with teachers, parents, doctors

Though they will never be friends

Blood of men, women, and workers of all ages
The killing goes on through history’s stages

While Afghans are grieving
The attacks of the Taliban increasing

Our country mourns
For the sad orphans whose tears roar

Mountains and rivers are crying
For the youth that are dying

Even as some Afghans want change and try
The slaughter of young men and women again intensifies

And years of war, violence and torture
Force many Afghans into departure

Afghans fleeing for other countries
It has been like this for almost half a century

The nation of Afghans
A target of ISIS and the Taliban

Afghans are victims of an ominous plan
The bombers training in Pakistan

Our country must resist

Stop the Taliban
Their lies, brainwashing, and gist

Let’s work for
Peace and prosperity

Let’s make the blood cease flowing
Let our mornings once again start shining

By Alaha

Photo by Julia Manzerova